Creating "The Young Divaz" concept

The concept came around after I started mentoring a very talented student Bianca McCauley.  I took her under my wing after 1.5 years learning performance and singing with me. She was invited to perform with me at weddings, festivals and learn the "REAL" side of the music business from me.
The journey for me is a spiritual one; the idea is to pass on my knowledge and experience to the next generation.  My music teacher Mr Anthony King started me performing at public bars, functions and festivals at the early age of 15 years old.  I started to mentor Bianca when she was 16 years old and I said to her "Everything I pass on to you; promise that you will pass it onto the another when you are ready to do so."

The Shows And The Female Singers

The shows will be run monthly at the House of Pan in Brighton. Click on the Gig Guide to view dates and information about the showcases.  Monthly gigs are from July to November 2016.
I have selected young female singers from different private music schools to perform their songs in a very casual, supportive and caring environment.  The age groups of these young ladies range from 10 years old to 27 years old.  
They will be given a chance to perform, learn to engage the crowd and gain confidence in performing to different audiences that may not be necessarily be their family and friends.  I welcome industry professionals to come and view the showcases.
I am excited to bring this to Melbourne!!

Songwriting "The Young Divaz" EPK

In 2015; I won a prize to record an EPK at a recording studio. Instead of recording my own songs; I have decided to give the sessions to these young female artists.I will be mentoring them in songwriting, recording and music industry business.

My life is about dedicating my time and heart into developing the next generation of female artists. The Universe will provide. I hope to gain support for this page and see you at their performances as well as assist in spreading the word of the work I am embarking on for these aspiring female singers.